The Hummingbird has a large number of parts, and organizing and keeping track of them is an important but challenging part of teaching with the Hummingbird. Here are some tips to help you successfully manage a Hummingbird robotics class:

  • Number kits and computers. Assign each student group to one kit and one computer.
  • Use bins to store projects, materials, worksheets, and kits for organized storage between class sessions. Classroom kits come in a large bins, but you can purchase smaller organizers at home improvement stores.

  • Set up a table with lots of craft materials such as Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper cups, feathers, beads, buttons, craft foam, cardboard, paper plates, construction paper, tissue paper, Styrofoam shapes, markers, tape, etc.
  • Make sure there is ample work surface for each group. Use a classroom with large work tables or push desks together to make a large work area.
  • Students will need space to store projects in progress. Consider having each group store their project in a cardboard box or plastic tub with a lid. Then projects can be stacked to conserve classroom space.