Setting up the Arduino Environment for Hummingbird Duo

Approx. Time: 

To use the Hummingbird Duo in the Arduino environment, or with Ardublock, you'll need to install Arduino and then install our libraries and our version of Ardublock. 

Installation Instructions

1. Install the Arduino IDE.

2. Run the Arduino IDE one time - simply open and close it. This may seem odd, but the first time Arduino launches it creates a number of folders that are necessary for our installation utility to operate properly.

3. Download our utility for installing the Hummingbird Duo Arduino libraries and Hummingbird Ardublock version. Please make sure to download the correct utility for your version of Arduino:

For Arduino 1.6.0 or later:

Download Windows

Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, & 10

Apple Installer

Mac OSX 10.6+


For Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.0.6: 

Download Windows

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10

Apple Installer

Mac OSX 10.6+


4. Once the utility is downloaded:

  1. In Windows, unzip the folder and run the executable file HummingbirdArdublockInstaller.exe.
  2. In Mac OSX, open the disk image and run the app HummingbirdArdublockInstaller.
  3. In Linux, unzip the folder and run the file after making it executable.

5. In the resulting window, click the big Install button:

The Hummingbird Ardublock Installer installs the following:

  • The Ardublock drag-and-drop Arduino programming environment
  • Hummingbird Duo board support for the Arduino environment
  • Hummingbird Duo Arduino library and examples
  • Hummingbird Duo Ardublock examples
  • Windows only: Required drivers for Hummingbird Duo Arduino bootloader and Hummingbird Duo in Arduino mode

If you get an error, try the following steps to install the Hummingbird files manually:

  1. Download and extract the Hummingbird Arduino files. 
  2. Locate your Arduino Sketchbook folder. Open the Arduino IDE and go to File->Preferences (Arduino->Preferences on a Mac). In the resulting menu, make note of the path to the Sketchbook IDE: 
  3. Copy the folders "libraries, hardware, tools, and ArdublockDuoExamples" to the Arduino Sketchbook folder. If you already have existing folders named libraries, tools, etc in the Sketchbook folder, then merge the contents of the folders.
  4. WINDOWS-ONLY. Go into the WindowsDrivers folder and double click runDriverInstall.bat.
  5. Restart the Arduino IDE.

Verifying your Installation

Once you've installed the Hummingbird Arduino libraries and Ardublock, you can verify that installation was successful by opening (or re-opening) the Arduino environment.

First, select the Hummingbird Duo as your board type by navigating to Tools->Board->Hummingbird Duo:

Under File ->Examples ->Hummingbird you should now see ten Hummingbird Duo Arduino example programs, and under Tools you should see Ardublock:

Source Code

The full source for the installer is at our Github repo. It is released under the GPL v3.0 license.