Getting Started

We're excited that you are ready to get started with your Hummingbird! Before you are ready to start creating amazing robot creations, you probably need to learn a little bit about how to use your Hummingbird kit. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Hummingbird by working through this list:

  1. Look at what's in the box! As you wonder what all those pieces are, check out the unboxing video for your kit:
  2. Take a look at the Software page and decide what programming language you want to use; then download and install it. For beginners, we recommend the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, Scratch, or Snap!. The CREATE Lab Visual Programmer is an easy-to-learn programming language based around the idea of a story board. Scratch and Snap! are drag-and-drop programming languages that can be used to create projects that include both Hummingbird hardware and simple animations on the computer screen.
  3. Next, learn to connect the Hummingbird electronic parts to the board by watching the video below. Be sure to follow along and connect some components!
  4. You are ready to build a basic robot! You can follow this tutorial, though your robot does not have to look like this one. We recommend that you include at least one motor, one sensor, and a couple of LEDs. Connect all of your components to the Hummingbird board.
  5. Use your robot to practice programming. Video tutorials are available for the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, Scratch, and Snap!. For more information on other programming languages, please see the Software page.